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KTM Bikes/Cycles are our Speciality. We offer the full range of Cycles as well as all the gear to go and there is a KTM Bike for EVERYONE. Starting at just £399 for a quality spec mountain bike KTM sure are competing at the entry level as well as the top end professional end.



KTM bikes are built with technologies of the very moment. It’s equipped with components of well-known manufacturers. Therefore KTM guarantees the original purchaser a five-year warranty on completely assembled bikes for material-defects or faults of workmanship for the frame (only if the maintenance intervals are met) and a two-year warranty for the fork (as far as it is a KTM product, otherwise the indications of the fork-manufacturers are valid).


The five-year warranty for the frame applies only if an inspection is done once a year by an authorized KTM dealer corresponding to the KTM maintenance manual. The KTM dealer has to confirm this by stamp and signature. Without those inspections the frame warranty will be reduce on three years. The costs of inspection and maintenance have to be beared by the owner of the bike. KTM bikes and forks made of carbon have a three-year warranty.


For bikes which undergo extreme stresses and strains (DH, dirt, freeride) the warranty period is also limited to 3 years.


KTM pedelec frames have the same warranty conditions than conventional bikes. Concerning the components of the electric system (Battery, engine, …) there is a two year warranty period (begin: date of purchase – referring to material defects/faults of workmanship). Hereby the indications of the manufacturers have to be watched (concerning charging cycles of the battery, etc.). Those information can be found in the specific manual of the pedelec.
The warranty periods begin at the date of purchase. This warranty is granted exclusively to the original purchaser by an authorized KTM dealer. Internet-auctions are excluded. If a warranty-case occurs KTM has the possibility to either repair or replace the defect component. Components which are not defect are replaced only on the cost of the owner. Wearing parts, insofar they’re normally worn, are warranty-excluded. Those parts are: rims in connection with rim-brakes, painting, brake shoes and pads, saddle, tires, grips, handlebars, stems, seatposts, bearings and sealings of mobile parts, sprockets, cassettes, brake and gear shifting cables as well as illuminants. KTM can’t take any warranty for damages that occur because of inadequate modifications.


At the end of your bike manual/bikepass you can find a handover certificate. This has to be signed by the purchaser and the copy remains at the dealer. This certificate together with the defect component or bike has to be shown in case of a warranty. It is the proof for the purchase, a complaint is not possible without.

This warranty is globally valid. In order to enforce the warranty you’ve to go to the point of sale with your warranty certificate. The dealer will then take care of everything neccessary. There can’t be a warranty-claim if the original construction or equipment has been modfied or the bike has been used inadequately. This KTM warranty is voluntary. Additional claims from national warranty laws are not touched.

1964. The company FLEETWING commissioned KTM to build a bike for the US market with the name FLEETWING. Futuristic design, 26″× 1.1/4″ wheels, steel-frame, beachcruiser-steerer, twin headlights and horn with integrated battery. After the job was done KTM started producing bikes for the austrian market using the name KTM. The high demands KTM makes to itself — Futuristic design, innovative technology and high quality have not decreased in 50 years.

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