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We are proud to offer all the top brands when it comes to being on 2 wheels.  Our business has been running since 1980 and is going from strength to strength every year and we are always going out of our way to ensure your first purchase isnt your only one with Biking Direct.

RST – One of the most well recognised brands now on a Global Scale, RST are taking the motorcycle industry by storm due to the high quality and affordability of their products.  RST motorcycle clothing has a product to suit all budgets from the 1st time rider to the track rider.  RST is a product for the novice and professional and in many cases is the first place to look when considering aquiring motorcycle clothing.

KTM Bikes, Cycles, Spares, Accessories & Clothing in the UK.  KTM is synonomous in the Motoring Industry whether it 2 or 4 wheels and their reputation for quality is known worldwide… why have anything else when you can have a KTM Cycle?

1964. The company FLEETWING commissioned KTM to build a bike for the US market with the name FLEETWING. Futuristic design, 26″× 1.1/4″ wheels, steel-frame, beachcruiser-steerer, twin headlights and horn with integrated battery. After the job was done KTM started producing bikes for the austrian market using the name KTM. The high demands KTM makes to itself — Futuristic design, innovative technology and high quality have not decreased in 50 years




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